I painted it blue like the recycling bag and my towels the label of my detergent and the pillowcase I always put at the bottom blue like the edges of my purse where the stained leather’s peeled the dried up folders of lost ideas and my abandoned gym shoes like the ribbon from my … Continue reading Dipper



maybe I don’t understand trust               maybe this is just how it works                      with you I’m not sure                                   because I happily admit that I was jealous                          that’s true but so is that you’re the most beautiful the most ruthlessly talented the most creative intelligent perfect broken… … Continue reading Be/friended

As Smok-

  Darling Darling it burns the way tears stain freckles on flushed cheeks across a nation of drowned twisted shut until the water has nowhere else to bleed but through paper lips sucked clean from their catharsisising peel breathing in the breathless and feasting on starvation Darling it burns but isn’t it sweet how it … Continue reading As Smok-


Morning Sunshine! I opened the fridge. Not that this was a particularly momentous occasion, but it was a messy one the night before and occasionally a forgotten takeaway or some other sin is stashed there before I blackout in bed. So it’s always worth salvaging the weekly residents from them first thing, if there is … Continue reading Bacon


In the last moments of dusk, when the stars are unfolding on the horizon; look on over the glen. Down by the bend of the river, he forges his rhythm, a shadow of the cairn cast down into the gullet of the valley; thirsty for the moon. No one knows quite where he came from … Continue reading Adam


  I wish I couldn’t say these things to you that they were tattooed somewhere inside my lip where I could suck them in chew them up and swallow I would never let them breathe you and yet               I want to show you        how the roses I hung around our cave the glass that envied … Continue reading Luna