There once was a rabbit in the moon
I know it because he told me so
how it shone white pale ochre
breast turned to the West
a lop-eared astronaut
it chased a dream
into wherever dreams go
led stargazers into pockets of galaxies
shawled in wisps of milkyway
in the middle of a great frying pan
that cooked up worlds since before we could think of
whole wonderlands of people
that dreamed themselves into significance
and it made me dream of you
I saw a glitter of a foreign world
of newspeak prophecy
that rumbled a black hole in my belly
that sucked me up and fluttered me out
into hundreds and thousands
anomaly one – oh – one
I clicked planets alight between my thumb and flint
chased blind constellations
aching for the smell of stardust on dewy roses
but as the night grew older
the bunny in the moon faded
back into the same old familiar face
and he smiled                                half knowingly


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