Day Thirty : PS – I know it’s cheesy

Dear Reader,

So, we made it! For the most part at least, and excluding all the late days that inevitably happened as a symptom of life. But then if you haven’t read every day you’re cheating too!

A lot of unexpected things have happened this month. Whether any of them are connected to this decision I’m not sure but I like to think progress begets progress.. And I certainly believe that this activity along with your support has been therapeutic in several ways for my general being (I’ll attach a photo of the monthly stats, it’s insane).

But I have one last thing to share before I call this adventure a day. I am lucky to have some of the most wonderful people in my life. People who both bewilder and lift me past the limitations of my own bias. When I’ve needed them, they’ve been there, whatever tantrums I’ve thrown.. So what I have to say is, of course, from them.

1. Spend every minute of every day bettering yourself or attempting to better the world. It’s a coping mechanism for life.
2. Immortality exists in the impressions that you leave with others in every moment you use to sow kindness.

I could attach countless other messages and photos that have made me smile but honestly you’d be reading this forever even if that is the point.. And I believe those two are what I needed to hear most at this time in my life. So please do believe in the people around you. I’m not perfect by any means but I find the space to grow in wake of the minds that help keep me in one piece. Choose yours carefully…

Until the next adventure, dear one, your input is, as always, more than welcome.

Enjoy your June! And thankyou for sticking with me.

Katagene x


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