Day 14 : My biggest Pet Peeve

my biggest pet peeve is now that I’ve hit a rut in my flow somehow I’m stuck in lists I’m fighting it and it’s painful how much effort it’s becoming to conceal this how blocky it is none of these words should be in this order terrible maybe I’ll rewrite it if I can muster … Continue reading Day 14 : My biggest Pet Peeve



it used to be counting ribs and hips and inches, swaying booty and lacy lingerie now it’s standing in front of the mirror trying to smile and wondering where all of it went


“and when things get tough, just remember a hot bath on a cold winter’s night or crawling into new linen” there are some things you can’t put better than as they are


its capacity to be something worth keeping even if I'm to exist under a whole generation of feet has always kept me safe                  but never intact