Prompt 3 : Large Intestine (Anna Sir)

My toes would be roots If I plunged them deep enough into the swirly murk the maps of my veins sinking down through my heels I might just soak up all this glitter I like to sparkle But my legs are trunks And my head is a calyx and my chest is.. Succulous Soft doesn't … Continue reading Prompt 3 : Large Intestine (Anna Sir)


Prompt 2: Desire Lines (Matt Merrit)

Mind Maps I want to describe it like crossing bridges or watching flowers open and close rhythmically with the sun and the set marking each new turn of the figurative planets that hivemind orbit my executive thinking with the grace of a justso universe that exists within its own parameters of sensible spontaneity and absurdism … Continue reading Prompt 2: Desire Lines (Matt Merrit)