Prompt 6 : Wind (Ted Hughes)

There was Weather There wasn't rain but the clear sky was cold and bright it echoed back the hubub swinging from left to right against the brackets of buildings underlining it strung tight. and some benches were still wet from last night or yesterday or perhaps they'd never been dry perpetually dripping with the rain … Continue reading Prompt 6 : Wind (Ted Hughes)


Prompt 5 : The Windhover (Gerard Manley Hopkins)

Stook’t foul fowl hagglin we the latest sorry bastard tae think they'd hae the chance tae gulpit wiout harrassment Ye muckle clipe haverin awn the edge uf overgrown buildins Cacklin like summet braw at yer wee side wanderers else awares o you swippet winged beastie Half a foot o flappin swaggerin terror Whippet Roon at … Continue reading Prompt 5 : The Windhover (Gerard Manley Hopkins)