Prompt 4 : Oatmeal (Galway Kinell)

“I have nothing to offer you.”

You said it to the air between us

Cheesecake and drinks had seemed like such a sensuous escape but now there was no where to run

You echoed in the hubub

The table next glanced over

And you rubbed my hand

It makes no sense to me why someone should offer comfort when they’re breaking your heart

The two are so confounded to me

Comfort is the reason I decided to love you in the first place

Yes, decided

Because you were so different that I was certain I felt so wrong

You could be right

I looked at you with equal parts love and desperation

Scrabbling through my head for an exit

But determined that if I didn’t move then nothing could change

It couldn’t be over

Because you made less sense than usual and I

Am the people solver

And if you feel this wrong

Surely I can make you







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