Prompt 5 : The Windhover (Gerard Manley Hopkins)

Stook’t foul fowl hagglin we the latest sorry bastard tae think they’d hae the chance tae gulpit wiout harrassment

Ye muckle clipe haverin awn the edge uf overgrown buildins

Cacklin like summet braw at yer wee side wanderers else awares o you swippet winged beastie

Half a foot o flappin swaggerin terror

Whippet Roon at lug level

Cuz God knows the sky’s up twa hunner miles but yed rather be bletherin Roon mah face fur a cup o coffeh yuo cannae even drink

Jus fur the sake o it

Do yeh even hae a tongue?

Jiggerin awn the side walk tae scare awa yer bawbag pals fae food that isnae even yers

Barely oped up me chippy an am swarmet with yeh ye grey feathered basterds.

Sea birds o burden flocket fae a feckin river

City rats we wings ish fare a complemen its sare tae swaller

Grease ridden vermin o devil’s missionaries ahd rither


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