Prompt 6 : Wind (Ted Hughes)

There was Weather

There wasn’t rain
but the clear sky was cold and bright
it echoed back the hubub swinging
from left to right
against the brackets of buildings underlining it
strung tight.

and some benches
were still wet from last night or
or perhaps they’d never been dry
perpetually dripping with the rain that wasn’t.

Fingers quivered
like reflections in glass windows and interlaced imperfectly but
they felt warmer than left
bare whole people flickered by in freeze frames
the mother
catching her little one’s cold with arms wide enough to encompass the city
herding it all into her memories
the miscalleneous pair
of legs framing the shot under the clear sky
that wasn’t raining.

It was cold and bright and highlighted
the wrinkles in the clingfilm that bunched up round their collars
and begged and begged to be noticed
stinging against burnt skin that crawled out ever
But the clear sky was cold and bright.

it echoed back
the hubub swinging round the brackets of bodies underlining
Stationed russian dolls hopped out into the evening
fighting their imminent consumption by an orange glow
bare back against the night that huddled in the clear and bright
and smothered it
with pinky clouds that smudged out
the hubub
dappled into pieces that weren’t too large to enjoy
but made the clear sky sickly

There wasn’t rain.


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