Peace Treaty

  I’m not going to call it rape because that’s too violent a word for                   what was relatively quiet               outside because rape is the wrong word because                         if you’re with someone and both of you know that you don’t want it but … Continue reading Peace Treaty



Morning Sunshine! I opened the fridge. Not that this was a particularly momentous occasion, but it was a messy one the night before and occasionally a forgotten takeaway or some other sin is stashed there before I blackout in bed. So it’s always worth salvaging the weekly residents from them first thing, if there is … Continue reading Bacon


In the last moments of dusk, when the stars are unfolding on the horizon; look on over the glen. Down by the bend of the river, he forges his rhythm, a shadow of the cairn cast down into the gullet of the valley; thirsty for the moon. No one knows quite where he came from … Continue reading Adam