Day 14 : My biggest Pet Peeve

my biggest pet peeve is now that I’ve hit a rut in my flow somehow I’m stuck in lists I’m fighting it and it’s painful how much effort it’s becoming to conceal this how blocky it is none of these words should be in this order terrible maybe I’ll rewrite it if I can muster … Continue reading Day 14 : My biggest Pet Peeve


Day 8 or something : Writing makes me…

  writing makes me feel purposeful few things have stuck with me the way that words have I don’t remember the first one I ever said but I remember the moment I first wrote something I was perfectly proud of I remember every bit of support earned or otherwise the praise the thankyous the bitter … Continue reading Day 8 or something : Writing makes me…

Day 6 : I’m disappointed when… [The Trap]

  I’m disappointed when I don’t    “perform” even if I haven’t put the work in even if I have the answer always seems to be                “no” they say you’ll only achieve what you truly believe you’re capable of              [is that a yes..?] but how can I trust something I don’t know