Dear Chaos

I still think you’re beautiful. Forest fire. With eyes to match. I’ll never forget the first time I saw you, on screen or in person. How wonderfully magnetic you are. How I can’t help but fall for you. Couldn’t. It’s been a while now. I think perhaps you finally realised. Or just grew bored. Perhaps … Continue reading Dear Chaos


To my Warned

you probably know the story, if you’re reading this when I reminded you so often but still I wish I didn’t have to write you letters I always did you knew "I couldn’t love"                             not the way he wanted but   … Continue reading To my Warned


maybe I don’t understand trust               maybe this is just how it works                      with you I’m not sure                                   because I happily admit that I was jealous                          that’s true but so is that you’re the most beautiful the most ruthlessly talented the most creative intelligent perfect broken… … Continue reading Be/friended

Cher Lisa

Sweetness is in those untrusting souls who paid an other’s price spliced away their faith Still                      they face the sun with clamp shot tongues they squint through broken fingers at a world they claim they don’t deserve because of lack of rain though they waterproof themselves into the fortress none have passed through since … Continue reading Cher Lisa