there’s something to not knowing why your eyes are closed whether you can if it matters                      you read it right when you’re smoothing out the creases not quite sure if they’ll bounce back                      or burn somehow the iron finds a place making beds and warming towels that dash down empty halls to dry off the … Continue reading Unread


Where I Go

  don’t ask me where I go when my eyes are closed because the truth is I don’t know an extra layer of skin across the veil to keep you from getting in? maybe. perhaps my eyes would only lie anyway why when you poke and prod and grab I’m only half giving hand giving … Continue reading Where I Go


  the air is different it speaks to me in the growl of the rolling waves and their whispers round my ankles when the spray whips my brow rakes my hair back he challenges me calls me in          to the vast body of water in time with my pulse millions of droplets bonding and … Continue reading Inhuman


  There once was a rabbit in the moon I know it because he told me so how it shone white pale ochre breast turned to the West a lop-eared astronaut it chased a dream into wherever dreams go led stargazers into pockets of galaxies shawled in wisps of milkyway in the middle of a … Continue reading Tails


  let me drink                    and lie                in the dark room             with loud music grow into the other part that doesn't think just works on lyrical rhythm                      stars and instinct loud words        numb and true fingers not my own body not my own face not my own just sound the reverberation of … Continue reading Lies


  I painted it blue like the recycling bag and my towels the label of my detergent and the pillowcase I always put at the bottom blue like the edges of my purse where the stained leather’s peeled the dried up folders of lost ideas and my abandoned gym shoes like the ribbon from my … Continue reading Dipper

As Smok-

  Darling Darling it burns the way tears stain freckles on flushed cheeks across a nation of drowned twisted shut until the water has nowhere else to bleed but through paper lips sucked clean from their catharsisising peel breathing in the breathless and feasting on starvation Darling it burns but isn’t it sweet how it … Continue reading As Smok-