Childish Gambi

I’m in love with loving you as he plucks another note from the redbone uncut and unfeasted, a new chromatic scale aches like new muscle pulled out from the fleshy mass slaving over its dreams though each advance pulls me further into infancy and it seems young to not be ready still calling one skyline … Continue reading Childish Gambi



  I wish I couldn’t say these things to you that they were tattooed somewhere inside my lip where I could suck them in chew them up and swallow I would never let them breathe you and yet               I want to show you        how the roses I hung around our cave the glass that envied … Continue reading Luna


  stretched syrup strung round the temple of metronomic motion your thumbs all artsy craftful thumbs cradling piano hands that never mastered running clear I see through lap at burnt caramel potentialities where broodings melt into my palette in the inkle of hot drops evaporated on my saliva millimetre and millimetre I’m found stinging where … Continue reading Glayva


  he doesn’t care that people stare or that I’m staring just the same and he makes the sweetest conversation though he can’t recall my name and he seems like he is charming though there’s something licking through his teeth and his muscles feel like I am safe though he grabs at me from underneath … Continue reading Mis-takes

  take me to the quiet place the partition between                  “Scared”             and “Coward” where I can see myself in each reflection take my piece and under the floorboards I will plath myself pay soldiers in murder who sink in my teeth for the joy of it let me watch you writhe and the tears … Continue reading


  green smoke takes to blue bass line scraping scar whiskers pulled out from our cheeks on the horizon of tuneful screaming echoing among the barrels the rhythmic drumming of heads caught flat in stone walls he scoops her up like snow her skirt fans out like  rain catacombs paved with black      red checkered … Continue reading Underground


  At what point does wantED become just             unwanted The victim of traps laid                by you As you…                            forget                                ? Here I am Bottom of the second    third                    fourth   Craving               .             -Discarded- If I… If I… If I… To breathe Alcoholic Harr All the pent ups … Continue reading Trials

Night Stood

what place is this? between the waking and unwoken misspelled sans untold notches of light that dapple in harmony with breath to breast on the edges of literate space where only the bite marks through to label this imperfect                  perfect                nonsense my image beheld distorted sippering on the edge of a memorious dream living dead … Continue reading Night Stood