Dear Reader

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent. I started this with truly the best intentions, but as with most things I start, I let other things get in the way. But this time, I suppose it’s for a better reason: I write best when I am broken. For the past 2/3 months I’ve actually begun to … Continue reading Dear Reader


Hi There Delilah

  I know it’s not July and it’s not last year and it’s not tomorrow and it’s not solved and it’s not replaceable and it’s not excusable and it’s not fair and it’s not easy and it’s not “together” and it’s not “broken” and it’s not ignored and it’s not addressed and it’s not consequential … Continue reading Hi There Delilah


I stepped on broken glass today That I'd forgotten was still there And it reminded me of all the incurables The sorrys you'll never get to hear That I am wild and rageful And still unknown To myself A disaster finger painted With too many hands all wanting mess And I threw it in your … Continue reading Glass