Hi There Delilah

  I know it’s not July and it’s not last year and it’s not tomorrow and it’s not solved and it’s not replaceable and it’s not excusable and it’s not fair and it’s not easy and it’s not “together” and it’s not “broken” and it’s not ignored and it’s not addressed and it’s not consequential … Continue reading Hi There Delilah



and it came to pass that I realised none of us are problem solvers: we’re problem makers so that we might while away the time we stole too readily


there’s something to not knowing why your eyes are closed whether you can if it matters                      you read it right when you’re smoothing out the creases not quite sure if they’ll bounce back                      or burn somehow the iron finds a place making beds and warming towels that dash down empty halls to dry off the … Continue reading Unread


it used to be counting ribs and hips and inches, swaying booty and lacy lingerie now it’s standing in front of the mirror trying to smile and wondering where all of it went


“and when things get tough, just remember a hot bath on a cold winter’s night or crawling into new linen” there are some things you can’t put better than as they are